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The McCulloch Co. filed bankruptcy in 1/99. The parts inventory was sold at auction in 6/99.Many of the parts for their electric products were hard to get before they went out of business and are no longer available. Many parts for gas chainsaws, produced before 1980, were no longer available before they went out of business and are no longer available. Most parts for the Titan chainsaws are no longer available. Parts for the generators are no longer available.  We have an inventory of new & used McCulloch parts in stock. Please be advised that some McCulloch parts will never be available again. We will try to find the McCulloch parts that you need to the best of our ability. We are still be able to get chain ,bars, drive sprockets, carburetor kits, fuel & air filters for the more current model chainsaws.  We still have a few sources we can get parts from.  So send us an email & see if we can help. FALL 2016  Many of the popular, fast moving parts are going fast. We have not found any new sources for old inventory. So our parts inventory is getting slowly depleted. So if you are looking for parts, I would do ASAP. I want to thank all of our past customers for their business. 




Robert Paxton McCulloch was born May 11, 1911, in Missouri. His grandfather John  Beggs , made his fortune by implementing Thomas Edison's electrical power plants in cities around the world, manufacturing and selling electric trolley cars, and founding Milwaukee’s public utility system. McCulloch, along with his two siblings, inherited his grandfather’s fortune in 1925.

Two years after he graduated from Stanford University he married Barbara Ann Briggs, whose father was Stephen Foster Briggs of Briggs & Stratton His first manufacturing endeavor was McCulloch Engineering Company, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. There he built racing engines and superchargers. In his early 30s, he sold the company to Borg - Warner Corporation for US $1 million.

McCulloch then started McCulloch Aviation; and, in 1946, he changed his company’s name to McCulloch Motors Corporation. Building small gasoline engines, his competitors included his in-laws and Ralph Evinrude. Evinrude led the market for boat motors, while Briggs and Stratton pulled ahead in the lawn mower and garden tractor market.

McCulloch was founded in 1943 by Robert McCulloch in Milwaukee, WI. under the original name of McCulloch Motors Corporation. The company specialized in small 2 cycle engines. In 1946, Bob McCulloch moved the company to Los Angeles, where the first McCulloch chain saw, the 5-49, was produced in 1948.The 5-49 was an innovative chain saw and offered a winning combination of lighter weight and more horsepower than any completive 2 man saw on the market.

It was followed by the debut of the first one man saw ( 3-25) , a truly remarkable product that revolutionized the entire chain saw industry. The introduction of a chain saw, that could be handled by a single person, opened the door to previously untapped markets and the creation of a consumer outlet for what had been a professionals only product. During the next several decades, the company continued to grow and expand into new markets. In 1958, the company name was changed to the McCulloch Corporation. 

In spite of Evinrude’s market lead, McCulloch continued to pursue McCulloch Motors’ quest for the outboard market during the next decade. This led him to Lake Havasu in search of a test site. McCulloch purchased 3,500 acres (14 km2) of lakeside property along Pittsburgh Point. In 1963, on the courthouse steps of Kingman, Arizona, McCulloch purchased a 26 square miles (67 km2) parcel of barren desert, that would become the site for Lake Havasu City. At the time it was the largest single tract of state land ever sold in Arizona, and the cost per acre was under US$75.

To spur the growth of the infant city, in 1964 McCulloch opened a chainsaw manufacturing plant in the new community. Within two years there were three manufacturing plants, with some 400 employees.

 In 1968, McCulloch was searching for a unique attraction for his city, which eventually took him to London. By the early 1960s it was apparent that John Rennie's 1831 London Bridge was gradually sinking into the River Thames and the City of London Corporation decided that a new bridge would need to be built. Rather than demolish the existing bridge, they decided to put the historic landmark on the auction block. 

When casting his bid for the bridge, McCulloch doubled the estimated cost of dismantling the structure, which was US$1.2 million, bringing the price to US$2.4 million. He then added on US$60,000, a thousand dollars for each year of his age at the time he estimated the bridge would be raised in Arizona. His gesture earned him the winning bid, although there was very little competition.

It took three years to complete the project. The structure was dismantled block by block, with each section marked and numbered, in much the same way the bridge was originally built. The granite pieces were stacked at the Surrey Commercial Docks, and then were shipped through the Panama Canal to Long Beach, CA. From Long Beach, the granite blocks were trucked inland 300 miles (500 km). The bridge was reassembled by matching the numbered stones and filling in the area under the bridge with mounds of desert sand to support each arch as it was reconstructed.

The reconstructed attraction was officially opened on October 10, 1971, with a gala celebration. Opening day included an elaborate fanfare: fireworks, a parade, entertainment, and celebrities, such as Bonanza's Lorne Greene, and dignitaries such as the Lord Mayor of London.

With the purchase of the bridge, McCulloch accelerated his development campaign, increasing the number of flights into the city. At the time, the airport was located on the island. The free flights to Lake Havasu lasted until 1978, and reportedly they totaled 2,702 flights, bringing in 37,000 prospective buyers.

A popular urban legend is that McCulloch mistakenly believed that he was buying the more impressive Tower Bridge. London bridge had been heavily marketed by the London Council in an effort to sell it worldwide. Ivan Luckin, the council member who sold the bridge has always stated that London sold the bridge honestly.

In 1968, McCulloch introduced the power Mac 6, weighing only 6.5 pounds fully fueled. It was the world lightest chain saw. The affordable Mini Mac 1,  introduced in 1972, opened the chain saw market to the casual user. Electric chain saws where introduced in 1972, while gas powered string trimmers, hedge trimmers and blowers were added to McCulloch's product line up in the 1980's.McCulloch moved to Tucson,AZ. in 1988 where it opened corporate headquarters and a distribution facility. Many new product innovations followed, including electric string trimmers equipped with REX, Rapid Exchange System. Introduced in 1998,these revolutionary trimmers are equipped with the world's only disposable string head. 

In October 1999, McCulloch's North American operation was purchased by Jenn Feng Industrial Co., Ltd. a Taiwan based manufacturer. A new headquarters/distribution facility, located in Tucson, was acquired and the company moved in November 1999.Jeng Feng Industrial., Ltd , founded in 1975, started doing business as an auto lighting manufacturer in the mid 1980's.Jenn Feng builds OEM for major manufacturers of premium branded power tools all over the world. In Januarry,2000, Jenn Feng acquired a gas engine manufacturing company, providing McCulloch with the opportunity to build gasoline powered equipment with the same quality McCulloch customers have come to know and trust. 

Update Spring 2008: I just read that Husqvarna just bought Jenn Feng. So I don't know what this will do for parts. Summer 2009: It looks like MTD relationship with McCulloch is over I have not heard anything about what Husqvarna is going to with McCulloch.2012:Basicly all Husqvarna did with the McCulloch line is do use the name on there products. The saws ,trimmer & blowers are Poulan products. As with the mower & snow blowers. There is no parts support for any of the Jenn Feng products.